AFTA Associates, Incorporated
AFTA Associates, Incorporated (AFTA) was formed as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation in March, 2001. AFTA works in collaboration with existing wildlife and nature conservancy organizations to preserve wildlife and nature, and promote economic alternatives to development through programs that make the business of saving wildlife, a business from which the people who share the region and resources with the animals can make a living.

This self-fulfilling process educates consumers, raises money for wildlife conservancy, and creates market awareness and demand for art and eco- products through the organizations that benefit most, by leveraging their reach to the people who care the most about conservation.

The Conservation Problem
There was a time when rural communities were islands of safety in a sea of wilderness and danger. Now the wild places are an oasis for the human soul in a desert of civilization.

Threats to wildlife and the lands that sustain them are primarily due to population growth and human activity-and the resulting natural resource scarcity, and environmental degradation.

Poverty is the biggest problem. The poor don't have the luxury of worrying about environmental issues-they are too busy dealing with survival issues. They are competing in the circle of life with elephants that trample their crops; cheetahs and jaguars that kill their livestock; and scarlet macaws that nest in sites proposed for a hydroelectric dam that will give them much needed water and energy.

Enterprising Solutions
As human populations continue to grow, conflicts over who gets to use the land and competition for water, food and natural resources will become even greater. It is impossible to address saving the wildlife and their habitats without also addressing poverty in the local communities. These communities need a source of income that comes from something other than land use and resource depletion.

Conservancy organizations recognize that one way to help local communities is through "conservation enterprises," ecologically and economically sustainable businesses involved in agriculture, forestry, eco-tourism and other environmentally compatible activities. By supporting these sustainable ventures, conservation organizations are making the business of protecting the lands an important way for local communities to make money.

Art For The Animals Program

The Art For The Animals program helps by creating awareness of and demand for ecologically and culturally sustainable products. We work through organizations that will benefit most - the wildlife and nature conservancy organizations - by extending their reach to people who care the most about conservation - their friends and members.

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